Oh my friends

7:57 PM

People on the internet,
Individuals who somehow found this page,
I'm having a dilemma.

This happens a lot, actually, but this is the first time I'm concretely expressing it.

I'm having the "should-I-even-blog" dilemma. I know you all probably know it well, if you blog, that is.

I just feel guilty when I don't post, and then I feel guilty when I post mediocre things, and even when I post things that aren't half bad I think, crap, now I've set the bar too high.

But the thing is, I love writing. Maybe I don't always love blogging, but it is a mighty convenient way to work out my writing kinks and get minimal feedback.

Maybe I'm just in a rut because I'm in Florida (no offense, FL, I know that Haley and Daniel are FLO ridas and they seem pretty neat).

Also another thing is that instead of writing anything I'm starting tiny posts for this blog and for twocatholicgirls and then I end up posting nothing. Fail.

Since I'm not ready to give up either blog (or combine both reading communities quite yet, yikes!) I'm going to try really hard to work at both blogs.

Two times as much Caitlin on the internet.

Anyway, does anyone have advice on blogging? Thoughts? Feelings? Concerns?

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  1. Psh.

    YASSS, you should blog. NO, it doesn't matter if it's only once a month or whatever. Keep it coming, please! We all go through bloggers-block sometimes, but you'll have stuff and things to post about in due time. Stick around, k? We like you!