Whomp here it is [PARTE 1]

10:44 AM

Here we go, the engagement story with all the agonizing details you are going to wish I left out.

Or maybe not, I don't know. You have free will.

Quick prequel: we had been dating for a year and a halfish, had been living long distance since August, and hadn't seen each other since March.

As you know, I was living the dream in Pittsburgh and doing missionary work at CMU. My semester ended on Thursday May 8 and on May 9 my dad and I had packed up all my belongings and hitched a UHaul to my Taurus and were ready to jet out of there.

I missed my family something fierce, wanted to see my Lincoln friends, and see John when he finally got back into town.

We then drove from Pittsburgh to Newark, OH to retrieve some of my late grandmother's belongings including a barely driven Grand Am. Like, a 10 year old car with less than 80,000 mi on it. Score.

My dad and I then drove 14+ hrs in separate cars, with minimal AC, no CD player, and crackly radio reception. 

Also, tornados in Missouri.

By this point, I know that I will be moving to Berkeley to serve as a missionary and I also know that we are most likely going to be engaged.

A side effect of wanting to be on the same campus is talking about things like engagements and marriage with a lot of transparency. Part of me, a little part, was a little disappointed that our engagement wouldn't be a surprise. I knew he would be home at the end of May and that we would get engaged before summer training. 

I was also bummed that it was May 10 and I was going to have to wait at least another week and a half before I saw John.


At hour 13, John calls and I'm in a relatively terrible mood because I've been driving forever and we barely escaped a tornado. I ask John when he is going to fly back home and he says he doesn't know. So, I was mad. In my mind I thought he hadn't picked a day yet because he didn't want to come home.

He was at home in his parent's basement at this point, so it wasn't a big deal.

Finalmente, we pull into the driveway back in good ole Lincoln NE.

It's 10:30pm, I'm tired, feeling dirty and stale, and generally ready for bed. My mom is awake, very rare, and eagerly ushering us into the kitchen....

Splitting this bad boy up!

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  1. Gah!! How could you do this to us? Post part 2 soon, please? K???

    1. I kept the suspense light, I couldn't even wait a whole day to post part 2!