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3:24 PM

True life: this semester (even though I graduated I still live by an academic calendar) has been rough. It's been really hard to live in Pittsburgh and be far away from my family and my friends. It's been beautiful to learn how to be more independent (dare I say, an adult?) and to give of myself and learn what this mission is really about.

This weekend was supposed to be our team offsite when we reminisced about the good times. However, Joey's nephew passed away today after struggling his whole life with Tay Sachs. Prayers for their whole family are very much appreciated.

Little St. Emeric, pray for us.

We improvised and ending up having a great stay-cation here in PA. Here are some highlights!

We celebrated surviving this semester with half a glass of Guinness into which we dropped a shot of Jameson and Bailey's. We should rename the drink to something less violent and offensive. 

They were delicious.

Today we went to the Carnegie Art Museum and it was actually super great! I'm always nervous about art museums because what if it's full of art that I hate??

Luckily, that was not true.

Monet! Waterlillies! Are you kidding me?

Van Gogh? I love him! Look at those colors!

Ancient Egyptian tweezers?? The best.

The best part of today was that I received a package in the mail. I also received a beautiful letter from Hannah and it made me cry because I just can't wait to go home!

BUT the package was this custom made t-shirt!

I once told Rachel (in passing, in January) that I love me some RUN DMC. Also puns. Also the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Combining all these things made me realize that I wanted a shirt that played off of the RUN DMC logo.

BAM. She made it a reality (even though she doesn't know RUN DMC). Is there a better shirt in the world? No, probably not.

God bless this team.

Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice. Psalm 51:8

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