Hey hey hey

9:20 AM

Friends. How are you?

I always feel like after I post a semi-successful post (like an embarrassing OBGYN visit) and receive many more views than normal, I experiencethis kind of funk where I don't want to write another post because how could I ever top awkward-naked-stories?

But, here I am mostly because of my blogging life coach, Hannah and because she added me to a facebook group for Catholic bloggers and I do not want to be a fraud.

So let's just keep it simple as I sashay back into blogging.

I'm Caitlin, I've lived in 4 states in the past 2 years and am currently occupying space in CO with CA license plates (middle finger count: 4). I've been married for almost a year (what) and am finally getting the hang of folding boxer briefs and fitted sheets.

My husband and I both work for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students in Colorado; he is the Associate Video Producer (qué importante) and I am a Digital Campus Missionary. I get to the use the internet all day for work!

This is the casual-hand-on-torso-engagement photo my mom wanted 14 months ago but never got

I'm lactose intolerant, fructose intolerant, looking to be a better writer, looking for a friend who is also starting some infertility treatment, need some help to revamp this blog design (halp) also just excited to make more internet friends!

Okay my phone finally updated to the new IOS so I'll be back in 24hrs once I figure out how to use it.

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  1. Bear with me as I comment on every one of your posts I've missed (starting with this one)...

    I feel like a fraud in that group too because there are so many famous people! Like who actually respond to things and are on Facebook! It's awesome.