Don't call it a comeback QTs

8:10 AM

Stephanie pointed out that I effectively hid big life news in a semi-boring updates post (seen here). So in case you were thrown off by the boring title of my last post (no shame there), John and I are engaged!

 In a death match. 

 Nah, engaged to be married. 

 But maybe a death match; we're together until one of us dies, we fight...

I promise not to write every post about how engaged we are and wedding planning and all of those things. But if I overstep my limit you just bring me back to reality.

Have I already posted this? I stinkin' love Jimmy Fallon and I stinkin' love Emma Stone. Also lip sync battles just kill me.

Speaking of Emma Stone, should I dye my hair red and also get bangs? Discuss.

My very first post on this blog was in August of 2013 and this is all it is 

Quality blogging riiiiight here. Good news friends, I purchased harem-like pants yesterday and I intend to wear them often at summer training in FL. I'll post pictures. Because I know how anxious you are about them.

Continuing in the vein of giving the people something they didn't ask for, I'm currently drafting our engagement story, which in reality took all of 20mins but you better believe I'm going to drag that sucker out.

Have you ever played 2048? It's like...a matching game? Sort of. People love it and are addicted to it. I don't care for it because it's made of numbers and that gives me ulcers. BUT my friend Tracy showed me A DOCTOR WHO VERSION and oh my gosh I waste a lot of time on it. 

You're welcome.

For way more exciting QTs go to Conversion Diary! And then beg Amazon to restock SOTG because I haven't purchased it yeeeeeet.

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  1. LOVE the Doctor Who version of 2048. So addicting!! Which Doctor have you gotten to?

    Also, totes looking forward to your engagement story. Did I already say that? Oh well if I did. I'm just excited!