Bits and bobs #2

11:04 AM

1. I don't mean to start this post off on a personal note but I just need to know. There are many warning signs that my period is fast approaching; I get so bloated, I eat everything, sugar makes me lose my mind (legit crazy), etc. But the biggest one is that on the morning of the day I get my period I have teeny tiny mole eyes.

It's 1 part horrifying and 1 part also horrifying.

I drew an illustration just to help you visualize.

Exhibit A: Normal day, normal androgynous and bald me

Exhibit B: Mole person who lives underground and has never seen light

As a side note, moles are so weird so do not google image search them.  Anyway, please let me know that I'm not the only one.

2. I went to a Rockies game with the FOCUS Marketing department (which is now John's department) which was so fun and also so strange to have "normal" co-workers. Like, we went to a baseball game and didn't invite students because we don't have any here...I can't explain it. But it was pretty great minus this awful view.

Jk, mountains are life
3. In case you haven't been following me on social media, I took an icon class and I promise I will write out a loooooong explanation about how it was so amazing. Here is proof that I did it with said icon.

These are my normal eyes

4. Yesterday I helped with my first FOCUS shoot! John and his co-worker/new best frand/bromance, Nick, took us up to St. Mary's Glacier to shoot a teaser trailer for the forthcoming full length trailer for the Student Leadership Summit in 2016. 

It was awesome.

Trying to figure out lighting or something
They had multiple cameras, so much sound equipment, so so much firewood, and I was craft services (which is film speak for food). And we had to carry it all up the mountain. Which was exhausting. I can't wait until I get my Colorado lungs because I'm very much over this huffing and puffing.

We made some veeeeery friendly stoner friends and only had to clean up one pot pipe so as not to get it in the shot. CO is a wild place.

And it was all worth it because look at this photo! I'm making it big because I can't believe my dinky iphone 5 c nabbed this bad boy.

I instagrammed the shit out of this
5. Five-anlly (chuckle), I just finished listening to the NPR podcast "Serial" because I am notoriously late to every party. And I can't deal. What do I do now. I posted about it on Facebook because THAT'S how serious I am about the situation.

So if you have suggestions/recommendations for what I can listen to next to make me doubt the validity of our government run justice system (hi, NSA, it's just me again) please let me know.

Hope your day is full of joy. Sincerely, I do.

PS: Blogger told me that I need to warn *all* my European readers if I enable cookies so...European readers, I honestly don't know if I have cookies enabled and I am very sorry about that. Also I don't know how to fix it or check or anything. You have thus been warned. 

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  1. Love the caption on your mountain photo. It's just the best phrase ever, thank you David Gokie for introducing it into my much-lacking life.

  2. Seriously Caitlin, I'm with Hannah. That caption made me pee my pants. I laughed out loud and I keep almost laughing again every time I think about it.