Here we go again

8:26 PM

So I was a little MIA for awhile...

Har har har. But Hannah is a bit of a pusher and I honestly did miss writing, but for awhile there wasn't really a lot going on. Unpacking, organizing, cleaning, finding the grocery store, rejoicing at the price of food here (yes yes yes), and visiting Nebraska.

I was back home for basically a month (woof) and then I was back for a few days for my sweet friend Katie's wedding (mucho yes) and we are finally back in CO for awhile now.

So maybe I can get back into the hang of things.

The main reason I was in NE for so long was because I was taking a Byzantine icon writing class and it. was. awesome.

I'm dedicating a whole post to the process because it was amazing and terrifying. I learned a lot about myself, my spirituality, my relationship with Jesus, etc. It was a crazy blessed 6 days.

I'm researching how to take my new talent on the road. And by that I just mean I'm googling paints so I can make more icons.

Some other things I've done recently:

(1) Saw Jurassic World and LOVED it.
(2) Bought some chia seeds because I'm only a little behind the times
(3) Paid a lot of money to get our car's AC fixed
(4) Watched John play a lot of Xbox
(5) Figured out how to use eBay! And made $100 so far!

Anyway, scout's honor I will do my best to serve this blog better and actually, you know, blog.

Y'all take care.

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  1. Yay! Glad to see you're back. Hope you are enjoying getting settled!

  2. Picture puns are the best kind of puns. Whatever happened to MIA? I miss her. Anywho, glad you're back!!