Marian super punch

2:17 PM

Recently I finished a great book called "Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness" by Warren H. Carroll and it blew my mind.

Carroll has a PhD in History from Columbia University (also he founded Christendom College) and writes in a way that is historical and incredibly engaging. I thought I knew a lot about Our Lady of Guadalupe, but Carroll supplied the historical context for why/when/where she chose to appear to St. Juan Diego. 10/10 recommends. Mostly me. And I'm sure a lot of other people too.

The massive number of human sacrifices and the systematic work of the Enemy in this ancient time made me feel like this wasn't coincidental that I picked this book up to read this month. 

Did that sentence make sense? What I'm saying is I'm ready for another Marian apparition to appear so that a new church can be built and then nine million people will be baptized (no joke that happened) and the "rationalized" destruction of humans will end.

This book got me very fired up.

Mostly because, once again, I was in complete awe of the humility of both Mary (Mother of God) and of St. Juan Diego who she appeared to. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of power and influence by the Spanish Empire also made an incredible difference in these Aztec lives. I think when it comes to times of deep political and cultural darkness, I just wait for our "conquistadors" to appear; those who have power and influence and followers. But this fight needs both. It needs quiet, humble, beautiful prayers and far reaching and spirit-moving words. 

I highly recommend this book. It's also really short if that encourages you to read it.

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