What up, 80228

11:38 AM

We made it! Our grand moving plans did not go as...planned. Which is a nice way of saying that the poop hit the fan. Or the pee...? Too soon? Too far?

As one of my favorite priest says, if you don't laugh you'll cry.

So we moved in to our great apartment in Lakewood, CO! Our parents were straight up champions and our friend Greg deserves an award. 

I think the highlight of the trip was when we realized that our money order (also I had to google what that was, so thanks higher education) for the apartment was in our safe box somewhere inside our tightly packed U-Haul.

And that the office closed at 6pm. And John and Greg arrived at 5:45pm. And neither of them knew where the order was. So we couldn't get the keys to our apartment until we gave them the money order, so we started to unpack our belongings in the parking lot and frantically searched for the stupid safe box.


Thankfully, PTL, we found it. And the leasing lady only had to stay 10mins late (which she was not pumped about). Also my mother-in-law is quick with her digital camera so I'm stealing all these photos from her.

We went out to dinner with some of Greg's family from Denver which, if you know Greg in real life, was HILARIOUS. I've never met a more chatty and outspoken family...that someone is related to the quietest human being on earth. So fun. I'm not going to insult your intelligence and tell you which parent's belong to whom because, even at a side angle, John's face is almost an exact copy of his father's.

The first piece of art we hung up! It seemed fitting and there was already a nail in the fire place mortar so it was perfect all around. Also we have a fire place! And a real deck! And an icon of the Holy Family! AHH

So thank you for your prayers. Once we get our boxes collapsed and some more art hung up I will inundate you with apartment fotos. Get excited.

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  1. The one time I met/talked to Greg's sister I was just speechless at how different they are. Like, to the point where David and I asked him if he was making it up that she was his sister. Hilarious.

  2. Awesome stuff! Please overwhelm us with pictures!!!

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