I am fire

6:30 PM

Today was one of those days where I sat on the floor in tears and wondered if I could actually get it all done. Can I finish up this missionary year and fly home for a wedding and then fly right back home and move again?

Also why do we have so much stuff? Like books and silverware and socks! Socks take up so much space. And dishes! Ugh who needs them?

Anyway, clearly today was a dramatic day. This week I ran across this quote via St. Catherine of Siena:

Which makes me feel super bad ass. Like, I am FIRE. But then I immediately forgot how bad ass I am and went back to crying on the floor and wondering when we will find time to pack.

John made an excellent recommendation about donating things which has a three fold benefit of (1) increasing our generosity (2) eliminating things to move (3) helping others out.

So after jamming bags full of things and clothes we drove to our local Saver's. While we were there we realized that seniors get 20% on Tuesdays and for some reason that made us go in to shop (we are not seniors) (it is not Tuesday).

I found two things I needed (a glass jar with a lid and ice cube trays) and on our way out we saw something we didn't even think we needed !!!!

WHAT. A beautiful St. Therese statue. For $1.08. Tax included. She's barely a foot tall, she isn't wearing shoes, and she's perfect. It was a literal gift from Jesus and made me so so so so happy. I love St. Therese now (I used to not) and now she happily finds me in unexpected places.

Finding this statue and that quote made me realize that I need to allow myself to be inspired by holy women. And that holy women don't just passively accept their lives and wait for the storm to pass. They are active participants in what the Lord has planned for them. Holiness and humility does not mean being silent and impassive (or crying on the floor all the time) it means responding to the Holy Spirit and then acting upon it.


Thanks, Jesus for that little epiphany.

Another much less spiritual epiphany is that this meme is now relevant again:

I mourn the day when people no longer remember ramen-hair-Justin-Timberlake and his inability to sing "me".

Until then, thanks for reading, thanks for being great, thanks for being you!

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