An ode to Berkeley

3:34 PM

Except it doesn't rhyme. Apparently an "ode" is supposed to rhyme.

Regardless, moving forward!

I want to be fair to the Bay Area. I know there has been a lot of griping and complaining on this blog about Berkeley, this area, CA in general. So I want to clear the air. Yes, there are many things I dislike about the Bay Area (constant noise, way too effing expensive, crazy lifestyles, too much traffic) but there are a lot of things that I really do love about Berkeley: the weather, the perpetually ripe avocados, magnolia trees, hummingbirds, weird people to watch and meet, seeing the Bay from our rooftop.

But besides all of those perks, this has been an amazing school year and Berkeley has been an amazing place to live. This is the place where John has spent two incredibly challenging and rewarding years. This is the place where we began to fuse our lives together. This is the crazy city we began our lives as very poor and very unknowing newlyweds. We have seen the crazed and destructive lifestyles of those around us and have been able to (hopefully) focus on what our goals, dreams, priorities are.

The Bay Area is a weird mix of the poorest of the poor, some by choice and some by misfortunate, and some of the wealthiest people. There are students from the Midwest, students who have never been out of California, and students from (seemingly) almost every country.

I'm getting so nostalgic.

Our tiny apartment has taught me how to be neat and tidy, and strategic about how to put away things (aka throw everything under the bed). Our tiny kitchen has been the stage for some real cooking wonders and some really incredible flops. Our new apartment in CO has a washer and dryer in unit and, you guys I kid you not, sometimes the thought of that makes me tear up. No more walking across two parking lots and up four flights of stairs and praying for open machines! The things I am grateful for are truly ridiculous. We are going to have two closets. A full-size fridge.

But that has been part of the gift in Berkeley. I'm grateful for little things that I really should be grateful for.

I get to move with my husband to a new city and we both have jobs doing things we enjoy! #blessed

So thank you all for your kind texts and comments and calls. Berkeley has also been a crazy lonely place and it has meant so much to me to have people reach out. Even in the smallest of ways.

oooooooookay that's enough genuine emotion for awhile now. Wow, if you stuck around for the word-vomit-no-picture-post you are a real trooper.

You guys rock. Happy Monday

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