Tattoo real talk

12:25 PM

I have a tattoo. It's a cross with an "M" for Mary behind my left ear. Standby as I try to take a decent photo of the side of my head (it's ridiculous).

Update: I gave up trying to take a picture of the back of my head so here is a screenshot of my friend Katherine's instagram. Technology.

Recently I've been thinking about getting another. When I got the first one people told me that tattoos are like potato chips, you can't have just one. Also, apparently grey hound dogs are also like that? Jury's still out on that.

So I said, "That's silly, one is enough" and now two years later I'm seriously pondering getting another one.

I have a design all thought up.
I know a safe and clean tattoo parlor, run by a former FOCUS missionary and amazing father of two (Thaddeus and Penelope...I mean, so cute) so I would love to further support his business.

But my team was recently talking about our Resurrections and our glorified bodies and I can't help but wonder if my glorified body is going to have my tattoo on it.

Jesus' had the wounds of His Crucifixion on His glorified body and I always assumed that martyrs would bare some mark of their martyrdom, but maybe that's just a faulty assumption on my part.

If I am a martyr I kind of want that to stick around when my body is risen. I know that tattoos are not the same as martyrdom wounds but I'm wondering if they will stick around too.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Or you can just tell me how ridiculous I'm being. Either way.

Happy Thursdays of Easter!

Edit: Here's a YouTube video of Matt talking about tattooing. So great

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