Hopes and dreams

4:00 AM

My team here at CMU is really into talking about hopes and dreams, things we'd like to achieve, maybe dream jobs if money (or education) was no object, what makes us become fully alive, etc.

It's pretty great.

SO I'm going to write (type) down some dreams! I encourage this. It's not being irresponsible or making up unachievable goals, it's about what makes us come most alive and then realizing that a lot of these things are probably attainable.

I want to write books. At least two published written works. One novel and one other thing. I know what I want the other thing to be but I don't know what to call it. I'll get back to you on that.

I want to have some babies. However many God wants to bless me/us with.

Late Night Talk show host. This is a new dream of mine. I love Jimmy Fallon and I love Stephen Colbert and I'm pretty sure I could do that. I was talking to Crystal and she was like, 'that's great but I can't stay up that late' and I said no worries so maybe I'll just slap it on youtube.

I could do that. Hang out with my friends and fancy celebs (meh) and cook with chefs and have quirky bits on tv. I could so do that. Hannah and Katherine and I used to say hilarious things and say that NBC needed to hire us as writers. I stand by that.

I want to see a moose in the wild

I want to be a person who can confidently say, "I cook" and "I know things about wine"
That one is maybe the scariest.

The glory of God is man fully alive -- St. Irenaeus

Have a great day! Talk to God about your dreams, He probably has some great ones picked out for you.

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