media frenzy

4:27 PM

If you are connected to me via facebook or instagram you have already had your fair share of this media frenzy. BUT I also have this bliggity blog so I can continue to enthrall you all.

First thing's first: wedding photos. We got ours. All 23498984 of them. They aren't that many, but seriously there might as well be.

So my question is, to all y'all married peeps/people who want to commemorate events: do I print them and stick them in an album? Do I make a photo book? Do I do both? Halp.

Did you want to see some? Well I didn't hear a "no" so here you gooooo...

priests for days

How cute is Hannah?

 Anyway, now I'm full of wedding nostalgia and all kinds of mushy. It was really fun to zip back to this post and read about it all over again.

But truly we are so blessed to have so many amazing friends and family and to have had such a perfect day. I don't know, it makes me feel a lot of things. Mostly gratitude. Jesus is so good.

ALSO thanks to some feedback (it only takes a little nudge) I will posting recipes so get pumped for that.

Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. We ordered a book through our photographer which was really nice because she put it together for us. It was a bit pricey though. I think it was worth it but drew might have a different opinion :)

  2. Shutterfly all the way. Augustine would look at it daily if we trusted him with it. Which we don't. We help him "read" it. TOTALLY worth printing a book for your kids.

  3. I did both a book and printed all of them off - you can use my Shutterfly gift card from KT's bridesmaid dress if you want it! I also liked having 4x6 prints of them so I could easily put some in frames, especially for my desk/David's office/around the house. Eventually I plan on putting them in a photo album, whenever I get around to it.

    It also helped to print them all off to see which ones I really loved, too, for the book (I did the small prints first) and then which ones I will eventually get big prints of...