It's March...?

12:15 PM

Somehow it's March. I don't know how that happened. I blame it on the fact (and I'm not complaining) that the weather here is basically a constant 60ish degrees. I cannot fathom the passing of time because the weather isn't giving me clues. It's so bizarre.

Let's just recap Feb-until now!

Lent started, so that's crazy. Are you signed up for Blessed is She emails? I'm super into them. Having all the readings emailed to me is amazing and the meditations are relevant and life giving and the photos with the quotes in them? So good.

John and I went to Baker's Beach in SF and it was beautiful. I made some Full House references and took some pictures that are on my instagram (@crwoj) so you can just look at them there. :)

Also guess where we are moving????

Denver. Also what the heck is up with this Bronco tribute at the airport? I don't like the idea of being greeted by a jacked up demon horse. But the mountains, you guys.

Anyway we are moving in May and I'm excited and only a little bit nauseating by the whole thing. Real talk: I'm tired of moving. I've lived in three places in 2014. I moved 3 times (like big moves) in 2014. So, Jesus, please take the wheel and park it somewhere for a little while.

Anyway, more details on Denver later when I know what they are.

Finally, Hannah and I have been posting semi-reguarlarly on our other blog, I know, it's crazy. You should check it out! We wrote about Lent! and Meditations! And how St. Joseph found me a husband!

ALSO my brother and his wonderful girlfriend are coming to visit TODAY AND I'M SO PUMPED. So I need to go deep clean our bitty apartment (which takes 15mins PTL) and find some food for them. YAY

Happy Saturday :)

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  1. I am always terrified of that stupid bronco at the airport. Like, even if you wanted to make the connection with the Broncos and like, wildlife, why does it have to be bright blue with like super red eyes? I just don't get it.