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5:04 PM

 After reading many of Hannah's posts and finding hyperlinks to my own blog (and a big spike in views) I figured I should definitely pick it back up and give the people what they want.

And by people I mean Hannah. And Lynn.

I know that most people will not like this, but, I'm having some serious snow FOMO (fear of missing out). I am not complaining so don't throw things at me. It's great out here and warmish and only a little rainy but I definitely miss the snow. I know it's winter but I don't know it's winter. Ya know?

We have Mondays off which is great and allows John and I to catch up on really important tasks like laundry, food prep, and googling "best donuts in berkeley". So here's what I'll be doing this week.

Did you cry during the Super Bowl? I did.

Are you mad you didn't write this blog post? I am.

And since I've already started a link trend here's another one: Which Joe Biden are you?

But I know you all are here for the high-quality photography and mushy feelings. And I would hate to disappoint my fans.

Really quality candid team photo. But can we talk about how I would love a backyard that looked like this?

The succulents here are amazing. They pop up everywhere and grow to be enormous and are beautiful colors and I just really love them.


Best husband ever. I've been sick for what feels like years. I cough all night, I cough all day, I blow my nose a million times, and I just feel like garbage. But he hasn't complained at all, he hasn't asked me to sleep on the couch, he bought kleenex, etc. 

Also I straightened Divine Mercy Jesus, so no worries.

It's nice to be back. Hope you all had an amazing Monday.

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  1. Woohoo! My dreams do come true. :)

  2. Hannah, are you as satisfied as me with this post?! She's BACK!!!