I used to blog...

10:32 AM

I remember when I used to blog. Those were the days. I had things to say and I could manage to articulate them in a semi-coherent way.

Now, my brain is just noodles and dust motes and to-do lists. Nothing of real substance and nothing I feel is worth sharing.

But I'm plunking myself down and forcing myself to string together some words and sentences! Because, commitment!

Alright let's get right to the list because all good bloggers make lists instead of using sentences and paragraphs!

1. My mom is making me take dance lessons. I thought John would be like, heck to the naw, but he was all about it. What a suck up. So, tonight, from 7pm-9pm, if you hear wailing, it's me learning how to waltz or something.

2. We are basically done with wedding planning. PTL. Basically done meaning we have little things to decide still that I just don't care about at all. WOOHOO

3. Did you know there is So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream? There is and it is DANG GOOD. Try it.

Well that seems like a good start.

Y'all are great. Have great days!

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  1. Cue music: "Now you're just some blogger that I used to know. (Some bloggerrrr.)"


    Hope you had a blast at your dance lesson tonight. Cha cha cha! Dancing with your loved one is super cute and fun and awkward, but fun.

    CANNOT believe wedding planning is done-so. SUPER impressed!! Beast bride!! (That's a compliment.)