Spring break

8:45 PM

We did it. We survived having house guests. Specifically my brother and his now *fiance* aaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

Like Blake said, we started the trip dating and now we aren't. So smooth. He had some real gems this trip.

We started in Yosemite and hot damn. We stayed in the cutest little cabins ever and we found a Living Social deal online so it was even cheaper! It had just enough room for two nights and then it probably would have caused some fights.

Actual Yosemite was beyond amazing. I've never been to a National Park before and it did not disappoint at all. Pictures do not do it justice. I wanted to look at everything more. Like somehow what my eyes were doing wasn't enough, I wanted to memorize the landscape so I could always see it forever.


We hiked up the Upper Falls trail and, you guys, it chewed me up. I'm not in great shape, like I do a lot of walking and occasional running, so I was thinking it would be okay. It was almost not okay. Thankfully, my husband is the most patient human being and had the perfect mix of encouragement and tough love so I got my butt up that mountain.

My lagging behind also allowed Blake and Laura (they are really in shape) some time to be alone so that he could propose to her. AHHH I still cannot handle it.

We made it to Columbia rock and this was our view.

It looks like a desktop background. It was amazing. It took a long time but it was so worth it. We came back the next day and did some more hiking, because we are crazy. We hiked up to Vernal Falls which was also crazy beautiful.

Almost half of it was stupid crazy steep stone steps. My thighs have never burned so bad. My top butt (anatomical term) is still sore. Also how majestic does my Eagle Scout husband look?

We left our fun cabin and headed to Napa Valley to visit our California mom, Judy, and got an amazing tour of her winery. We also were able to sample their wine and it was so so so good.

And if that wasn't enough, on Blake and Laura's last day in Berkeley we visited our friend who works at Pixar. Legit Pixar. It was so neat. We couldn't take pictures (!!!) anywhere except for the lobby so here you go!

So cool. It was the fanciest work environment ever. They have an amazing kitchen staff to make lunches, a lap pool, a basketball court, a soccer field, an ENTIRE gym, multiple theaters, and 12 bars. For drinking. Not during the day. I don't think.

Anyway it was so cool.

Overall the trip was amazing. It was so fun to show off Berkeley, to experience it with fresh eyes, and to check off a lot of things on our CA bucket list. In the end I'm slightly shell-shocked and missing my family like crazy but so incredibly grateful that we were able to spend time together.

Ahh feelings. Anyway, sorry a lot of the photos are just Instagram duplicates buuut I love Instagram. I'm sure I left out a ton of details (like how Edge of Tomorrow is surprisingly good, and that I successfully meal planned a camping trip, and that we named some stray cats Will Smith and Kevin James) but my brain is foggy and a little mushy. In the best way.

Go Gonzaga!

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  1. I can't believe you've never been to a National Park before! When you are in CO we are coming for a week-long visit and we will hike and see all the national parks there are. For serious.

    I've always wanted to see Yosemite, though. So fresh. But my favorite is Grand Teton in WY. Like Colorado but less expensive and less people and more wildlife, it's awesome.