Guess who's back back

3:40 PM

So a million years ago I wrote a post for this blog that I created and then I abandoned said blog for five months.

I created this blog on a whim, and then that whim was deflated but I would like to inflate it (re-inflate it?)

My friend Hannah recently started a super cute personal blog, but hers is very exciting because she is married and also pregnant. I am neither of those.

BUT before you click away or close this window just give me a quick chance.

I am a recent college grad (Praise Jesus) and working as a FOCUS missionary at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I found out I was moving here in December, and moved on January 9. So it's been a little crazy. I finally decided that I want to be able to recount what my life is like right now, and a blog seems like a pretty easy way to make that happen.

And then years from now when I'm old and grey I can look back on my youth and laugh. That's what technology is all about.


This is my beautiful team of missionaries at CMU. Look at that beautiful and unoffensive hotel art we used as a background. I'm on the left with the sassy arm, then it goes Rachel, Crystal with husband, Joey and baby, Philip, then Keith and his wife, Tracy. Hopefully they are cool with me using their names online. I doubt I'll become famous but I apologize in advance if I do, team!

So I'm brand new and they've been here for awhile. The learning curve is steep and CMU is a strange place. Beautiful but strange. 

My job is to bring college students into a growing relationship with Christ that deepens within college, but launches them into life-long Catholic mission. 

Hopefully you are excited about it. I am.

Final things
1. I don't have internet in my apartment and the wind chill was -20 today so I'm not about leaving all the time so posts might be scarce. Or uploaded via phone.
2. I am an over-sharer and I cry a lot. Just be prepared.
3. I'm really excited about getting to know you better.
4. I didn't end up buying harem pants, in case you were wondering.


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